What You Should Do To Get Whiter Teeth

Have you ever overheard some gossip that specifically lauds someone’s smile? They might say it in a reverent tone. One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. Continue to read this article to discover how you can make your teeth whiter so you can flash a dazzling smile.

If you have tried the types of whitening strips that you have to wear for an extensive amount of time and they cause irritation, try those that you wear for a shorter time. These may take longer to work, but won’t irritate your gums.

While oranges and lemons are good in supplying you with Vitamin C, they might also be useful in helping to whiten your teeth. Orange or lemon peels can help brighten your teeth if you rub the back of the peel against your teeth. You could even add a sprinkle of salt to the peels to improve the visible results that this method will present.

Drink a little water with your coffee, soda, wine, or tea. Drinking these products regularly can stain your teeth quite rapidly. When you have to drink these things, you should rinse with and drink water to get rid of the residue from them. Brushing teeth after these beverages are consumed can also prevent the appearance of stains.

Strawberries are great to use as an alternative teeth whitener. You can whiten your teeth with strawberries the natural way. You can chop it up and then brush it on your teeth for a few minutes, or you can simply slice it and smear it onto your teeth.

Eat a lot of raw foods to keep your teeth healthy. Things like fresh fruits and vegetables are a wonderful option. Fast food, processed foods and sugary foods all discolor your teeth and can create cavities. If you want teeth to stay white, not to mention healthy, avoid eating those kinds of foods. Snacking every day will have a negative effect on your teeth.

Baking Soda

You can make your own whitening paste with water and baking soda. The baking soda will gently polish the stains and discolorations away, so your smile will be clean and white. Consider dipping a wet toothbrush into some baking soda to create a paste.

Use organic coconut oil to whiten your teeth. Try swishing it in your mouth every day for a few minutes. Coconut oil is a natural tooth whitener. After approximately 10 minutes, make sure to spit it out, then brush like normal. In a few days you should begin to see real results.

Strawberries are a great natural treatment for stained teeth. Strawberries have been shown to be a great teeth whitener. Rub chopped up strawberries across your teeth, or mash them and use as a toothpaste. To optimize performance, allow the solution to set for five minutes, then rinse it off.

Now that you’ve read these tips, are you ready to hear people say that YOUR smile is perfect? When you’ve whitened your teeth, people will respect you as a different person than you were before. Apply the tips you read in this article today to start on the road to respect!

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